Does Ulta Beauty Take Apple Pay | Can You Use Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty? (Complete Guide 2022)

If you are wondering about whether Ulta Beauty accepts Apple Pay, then you are at the right place, this article should answer all of your questions.


The Covid 19 pandemic has changed our way of living in many ways since its inception. This has also impacted the way we make our payments while offline shopping at local grocery stores or gas stations etc. The pandemic brought about a massive shift to digital payments and contactless ways to pay increased dramatically.

“During the pandemic people were not feeling safe to touch surfaces, and they were hesitant to give their credit or debit cards or type in their pin on the keypad,” and hence many small and large outlets started accepting the mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay along with other digital methods.

Does Ulta Beauty accept Apple Pay? If so, how?

I did some research online to find out whether we can use Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty. This is what I found. Yes, Ulta Beauty does accept Apple Pay.

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How to set up Apple Pay to pay at Ulta Beauty in 2022? (Complete Step-By-Step Guide 2022)

With Apple Pay, you will be able to use Apple devices to do digital payments in stores, online, and in apps. It is very easy to use, secure, and private, as well as restricts your contact with physical buttons. 

How to Get Started with Apple Pay to Pay at Ulta Beauty?
  • To get started with Apple Pay on your iPhone make sure you are signed in with your Apple ID.
How to add a credit / debit card for Apple Pay to pay at Ulta Beauty?
  • Open the Wallet app and tap the “Plus” sign to add a credit or debit card. Use the camera to scan in your card or enter your card information manually. Once you have added a card on your iPhone, it’s easy to verify it for use on your other devices, too. 
How to set up Apple Cash for Apple Pay to pay at Ulta Beauty?
  • You will also have the option to set up Apple Cash to send and receive money using the Messages app. Your Apple Cash balance will show up as a card in Wallet and you can use it anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted. You can use Apple Pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch in participating stores, restaurants, vending machines, when paying for rides, and more. Ready to check out? 
How to check out with Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty?
  • If you have an iPhone with Face ID, double-click the side button and glance at your iPhone or enter your passcode. Or, if you have an iPhone with Touch ID, rest your finger on the Home button. Then, tap the screen to choose a different card if you’d like and hold your iPhone near the card reader until it’s done. 
How to use Apple Pay for Online Shopping at Ulta Beauty website?
  • You can use Apple Pay within many apps and for shopping on websites in Safari. No need to type in your billing information. Just look for Apple Pay at checkout. And that’s Apple Pay, a secure and easy way to pay.

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But how do you actually use Apple Pay to make a purchase at Ulta Beauty?

Let’s review exactly how step-by-step below:

How to Open Apple Wallet to pay at Ulta Beauty?

Quickly push twice or “double-click” the power button typically found on the right outside edge of your iPhone. This is the same button used to turn on and off the screen on your phone. If done correctly, you will see your Apple Wallet open up automatically with an image of your debit card(s) or credit card(s) that you’ve added to your Wallet.

How to Use the Payment Terminal at Ulta Beauty?

Next, you need to use a compatible payment terminal (aka card reader) to finish paying for your items using Apple Pay. To do this, you must hold your iPhone closely over the payment terminal with your Apple Wallet open on your iPhone. If done correctly, your payment should automatically process and your debit card or credit card associated with your Apple Wallet will be billed.

Can you pay using Apple Pay with Curbside Pickup at Ulta Beauty?

Using Apple Pay when making your curbside pickup is a fairly simple process. In most cases, you’ll pay for your item online or in the app using Apple Pay before going to your Ulta Beauty location to pick up your item. If you don’t and you need to pay at Ulta Beauty, a Ulta Beauty associate may be able to remotely take your payment. If this is the case, you should be able to use Apple Pay to make your purchase just like you would in any other situation when trying to use Apple Pay to make a purchase.

Can You Use Apple Pay on the Ulta Beauty Website?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay to purchase items on the Ulta Beauty website. In order to use Apple Pay, however, you need to use the Safari browser for that option to be available at checkout. If you try to use a different browser, the ability to use Apple Pay at checkout will be unavailable.

Can You Use Apple Pay on the Ulta Beauty App?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay to purchase items while using the Ulta Beauty app.To use Apple Pay in the Ulta Beauty app, you need to be using an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. Then you need to choose the “Pay with Apple Pay” button at checkout. If you are using the Ulta Beauty app on an Android device, the Pay with Apple Pay button will not be available

Are There Limits to Using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty?

The only limit when using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty is from the available funds you have in the accounts that you have in your Apple Wallet and associated with your Apple Pay account. You obviously can’t spend more than you have available. Otherwise, there are no limits when using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty.

Are There Fees for Using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty?

With Apple Pay, there are no fees for using the mobile payment service at Ulta Beauty. It’s just another example of how Apple is constantly thinking of ways their customers can save money.

Is it Safe to Use Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty?

It is completely safe to use Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty. However, it is advisable to take the same precautions as you would take while using any other mode of digital transaction.

What If I Have Problems Using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty?

If you are having trouble using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty it's usually because you don't have a credit/debit card saved to your Apple Wallet or you don't have enough money in your Apple Wallet to pay for the purchase. If you keep experiencing problems, you can always contact Apple Pay Support and they will be happy to help you with your problem.

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Apple Pay can be used at the Ulta Beauty in-store, online, and on the Ulta Beauty app. The process for making a purchase with Apple Pay is the same as it would be anywhere else and there are no limits or fees for doing so.

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